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Internet, Wi-Fi & Networking

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Internet, Wi-Fi & Networking

Networking seamlessly integrates the internet with your computers, laptops, printers, phones, faxes, smart tv’s, game consoles, smartphones, and tablets.

We’ll help you pick a networking solution that works best for your home or business, securely and cost-effectively, whether it’s cable wired or a wireless system.

We’ve got you covered for new network installations, expanding/upgrading existing systems and repairing old systems.

Internet Repair

If your internet is slow or not working, your internet provider may tell you that everything is ok from their side and that you need to hire an internet technician to investigate.

Internet faults can happen at any time and there are different reasons why your internet connection is suddenly slow or not working. Our technicians will diagnose and provide the quickest solution and advice to get your internet access back up and running smoothly.

Our ACMA licensed technicians have the right tools to discover what the fault might be and promptly carry out internet repairs to your connection. We service connections with all major telco providers.

Why is my Internet Slow?

Speed issues with your home or business internet should be discussed with your service provider first. It could be the package that you are subscribed to or the NBN project shortfalls.

Ask your service provider if the NBN in your area has been installed directly to your home with a fibre optic cable, if not and you are paying for an NBN service, you need to request a discount. Recently, the government’s NBN project ran out of funds so the fibre optic cables that enable super-fast internet speeds are only being run to the street corner. The remaining run to your home is utilising the existing cable infrastructure, which is resulting in poor internet speeds.

You can read more about the NBN quality issues in the news.

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