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If your service provider has asked you to arrange a private NBN technician to troubleshoot your connection, then you’ve come to the right place! We can cost-effectively find and repair faults, as well as perform additional services that NBN won’t do. If you’re not sure what to do or need advice, we can help.

If you’ve just transitioned to the NBN, it’s common to require extra cabling work from a private cable technician when you connect to the NBNIt may be that there is a fault within your premises that needs to be diagnosed and repaired, or you simply want your old telephone and internet equipment to work the way it did before. 

We’re fully qualified to work on the NBN network so you can rest assured you will receive a professional service from our private NBN technicians. We’re ready to help whenever a problem arises as a result of the NBN network and we’ll find the most cost-effective solution.

Fixing NBN Issues

At Connectcom Sydney, our team of experienced and qualified ACMA registered cable technicians have already dealt with and solved a variety of NBN installation issues around Sydney. Rest assured our technicians will get your phone and internet services up and running.

The most common issues related to the NBN are:

  • NTD Box Relocation
  • NBN Phone Socket Installation
  • Multiple Phone Sockets
  • HFC Repair & Installation
  • Equipment Set-up
  • Fault Finding (including NBN internet issues)

NTD Box Relocation

The Network Termination Device (NTD) or NBN Connection Box has several ports on the bottom to connect telephone and internet services.

The NTD box should ideally be installed:

  • Near an accessible power point
  • In a cool dry, ventilated area (e.g. not a cupboard, bathroom or kitchen)
  • Away from busy areas where it may be knocked and damaged
  • Near your existing phone or network cabling

If your NBN NTD box been installed in an awkward location, we can run a high speed cable from the NTD box to a convenient location of your choice. We’ll also set up your modem/router for optimal performance.

NBN Phone Socket Installation

One of the biggest changes you will experience with an NBN connection is that telephone services are now provided through a modem, known as a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) service. This means that you will plug your telephone handset into the VOIP part of your modem to receive and make calls.

Many of our customers prefer to use their old telephone equipment and sockets and this is possible with additional cabling. In these instances, NBN will ask you to contact a private technician like us to help.

Multiple Phone Sockets

It’s common for homes to have more than one telephone socket, especially for home offices, so if you’d like your old sockets to work with your new NBN service, we can help with this.

HFC Repair & Installation

If your service provider has visited your property and determined that your HFC lead-in cable is damaged, but has asked you to contact a private technician, we’re here to help. Please note that your service provider is liable to replace or repair the cable at no cost between the boundary of your property and the NBN pit.

Our licensed technicians will take care of the digging, trenching, installation/repair and testing inside the boundary of your property to the telecommunications point on your home. Rest assured we’ll get the job done quickly and without hassle. We only use NBN telco-approved cable and parts with all of our services.

We’ll sort everything out for you and ensure that we leave your property neat and tidy. We can also prepare a report of our diagnosis and findings to share with your service provider if it turns out to be a network fault.

Equipment Set-up

If you’d like help with connecting everything to your new NBN connection, we can set up the equipment for you. If your phone, internet or other services aren’t working like they did before the NBN, get in contact with us and we’ll get you back up and running just like before.

NBN Fault Finding

Are you experiencing NBN issues that require private cabling? Our technicians can locate faults that may be slowing your NBN service and if it’s repairable, will ensure everything is working correctly before leaving. We’ll listen to your requirements and work with care and attention to ensure you are satisfied.

We’ll find the best solution for your budget and discuss all costs upfront.

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We stand by the quality of our work and we only use the highest quality cable and parts, which is why we offer a 100% workmanship guarantee and 12 months warranty.


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Our team of experienced and qualified cabling technicians have over 12 years of private and commercial cabling experience and can handle a wide range of connection and installation jobs for your home or office. We’ll listen to your requirements and work with care and attention to ensure you are satisfied with the solution. We are licenced, knowledgeable and our work is always high-quality. We are committed to servicing customers in a timely, affordable, and honest manner.

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