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MDF Jumpering

Our licensed and registered technicians can perform MDF jumpering for your apartment, townhouse or business premises to connect your new phone line, NBN or ADSL service.

When you first move into an apartment, townhouse or business premises you may not have a dial tone or have internet access, this can be because the main lines in the MDF room need to be routed via MDF jumpering cables to get the signal to your socket. In these situations, your service provider will tell you to contact a private telephone technician like us to complete the jumpering.

Our MDF jumpering service is performed by fully licensed and qualified telephone technicians to connect your new phone line, NBN or ADSL service.

What is MDF Jumpering?

MDF Jumpering is a crucial step in establishing a robust telephone or internet connection within multi-dwelling units such as apartments, townhouses, or commercial buildings. This process involves creating a physical link between your property’s internal network and your service provider’s network through a specialised cable known as a jumper wire. The Main Distribution Frame (MDF), which serves as the central hub for telecommunications connections in your building, is divided into two main sections: the ‘A’ side, where the service provider’s wiring terminates, and the ‘B’ side, which connects to the internal wiring of your property.

When you sign up to a new telephone or internet service, the service provider will make their connection on the ‘A’ side of the MDF and tag the line to indicate where our skilled technicians at Connectcom Sydney should perform the MDF Jumpering to bridge the connection to your line on the ‘B’ side. This seamless integration is essential for ensuring that you receive a clear, reliable connection.

Our licensed and efficient technicians specialise in quickly identifying and connecting the correct wires, minimising disruptions and ensuring that your service is activated promptly.

Before Your Appointment

Before giving us a call, make sure your service provider has been out to visit you first. They need to tag the phone number allocated to you in the MDF room so that we can complete the jumpering connection. After your service provider has connected to the A side of the MDF, our technician will connect it to your line on the B side of the MDF.

To ensure we can connect you smoothly, you may also need to contact your strata or building manager to confirm the location of your MDF room and to organise access for our technician. We have master keys for most common MDF room locks, but it’s best to check this in advance as sometimes there is a special lock and key installed. You can also take a photo of the lock on the door and send it to us for confirmation.

On the Day of Your Appointment

When your technician arrives, they will use a tool to trace your phone line through the phone socket back to the MDF room. They will then complete the jumpering connection in the MDF room. It’s important to ensure your service provider has already visited and tagged your line correctly – every property has its own line and only the service provider knows which belongs to who. If this isn’t the case, our technician will still perform as much of the jumpering as they can and then the service provider will have to finalise their part.

Don’t worry if this sounds complicated, our friendly technicians are very familiar with the process and will guide you the entire way. Please feel free to get in contact with us for advice or if you have any questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions about MDF Jumpering Services

How do I know if I need MDF jumpering for my new connection?

If you’ve moved into a new place and find there’s no dial tone or internet access, you likely require MDF jumpering. Your service provider will usually inform you if this is necessary and advise you to contact a private technician for the service.

How long does the MDF jumpering process take?

The duration can vary depending on the complexity of the job. However, most MDF jumpering services are completed within a few hours, ensuring minimal disruption to your connectivity.

Can you perform MDF jumpering if my service provider hasn’t tagged my line yet?

Our technicians can perform preliminary work, but the service provider must tag your line for us to complete the connection. We recommend ensuring your line is tagged before our visit to avoid delays.

Is MDF jumpering covered by my service provider, or will I be charged?

MDF jumpering is typically the responsibility of the tenant or property owner and is not covered by service providers. We offer cost-effective pricing for our services and will discuss all costs upfront.

What if there are issues with my connection after the MDF jumpering is completed?

Our work comes with a 100% workmanship guarantee and a 12-month warranty. If you experience any issues with your connection after our service, please contact us immediately for assistance.


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