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Lead-In Cable Repairs & Installation

If your service provider has asked you to arrange a private technician to install or repair your lead-in cable, then you’ve come to the right place! We can take care of everything.

Has your service provider left you with organising your own lead-in cable repair or installation? Or you’ve been waiting a long time for your service provider to do the work and you’re now exploring faster options? Or you’ve just changed over to an NBN connection and there’s a problem? We have the solution you’ve been searching for.

Connectcom Sydney cable technicians have been installing, replacing and repairing lead-in cables for homes across Sydney for over 12 years and we service connections with all telco providers. There’s nothing we haven’t already seen and fixed. Our technicians are fully licensed, ACMA registered cablers and our work is always high-quality.

We’ll listen to your requirements and work with care and attention to ensure you are satisfied with the resolution. We’ll find the best solution for your budget and discuss all costs upfront.

We are committed to servicing our customers in a timely, affordable and honest manner.

What is a lead-in cable?

The lead-in cable is the end-point of the service provider’s network. One end is connected to your property and the other is fed from the network, either from a telegraph pole or the underground pit on the edge of your property boundary. The lead-in is the telecommunications cable that provides you with phone, NBN or ADSL internet capabilities.

The terminology for lead-in cables will vary, but essentially, it’s the same thing:

  • HFC / coaxial cable
  • Lead-in conduit
  • Conduit from pit to house
  • NBN cable from pit to house
  • Phone line trenching

Has your cable been damaged and needs repairing?

If your service provider has visited your property and determined that your lead-in cable is damaged or non-existent, but has asked you to contact a private technician, we’re here to help. We’ve discovered it’s becoming common practice that your service provider won’t do this work for you or you’ll have to wait in a queue of up to 12 weeks. We understand that this is a very frustrating position to be in. Our friendly technicians are familiar with the service provider process and can provide advice and guidance, simply get in contact with us.

Rest assured we’ll get the job done quickly and without hassle. Our licensed cable technicians will take care of the digging, trenching, installation and testing. We only use telco-approved cable and parts with all of our services. We’ll sort everything out for you and ensure that we leave your property neat and tidy. We can also prepare a report of our diagnosis and findings to share with your service provider if it turns out to be a network fault.

Has your home been re-built and you need a cable installed?

If your builder has asked you to hire a third-party contractor to install a lead-in cable, have no fear, we’ve done many of these jobs for homes all over Sydney. All work performed will adhere to the Australian standards, using telco-approved cable and we’ll also find the neatest method of installation to ensure the lead-in cable work doesn’t interfere with the aesthetics of your new home.

Getting NBN Ready

You may not be aware but when you connect to the NBN it’s common to require extra cabling work from a private cable technician. If you’re not sure what you need to do or who to call for advice, our cable technicians can assist you with the NBN roll-out. We have different services to get your phone and internet services up and running, learn more below:

Your satisfaction is important to us and our technicians will ensure everything is working correctly. We stand by the quality of work and we only use the highest quality cable and parts, which is why we offer a 100% workmanship guarantee and 12 months warranty.

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Why Choose Connectcom Sydney?

Our team of experienced and qualified cabling technicians have over 12 years of private and commercial cabling experience and can handle a wide range of connection and installation jobs for your home or office. We’ll listen to your requirements and work with care and attention to ensure you are satisfied with the solution. We are licenced, knowledgeable and our work is always high-quality. We are committed to servicing customers in a timely, affordable, and honest manner.

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Get in touch with us for a cost-effective quote and our friendly ACMA registered cable technicians will answer any questions you may have.

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