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Lead-In Cables From Pit to House

Are you stuck with organising your own lead-in cable?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

The lead-in cable is the end-point of the Service Provider’s network. One end is connected to your property and the other is fed from the network, either from a power pole or the underground pit on the edge of your property boundary.

Unfortunately, it’s common practice that service providers won’t do this work for you or you’ll wait in a queue of up to 12 weeks, no matter what the situation. Not great if you work from home, as many of our customers do.

If you’ve been asked to hire a third-party contractor to assist with trenching, backfill and installation of a lead-in cable, have no fear, we’ve done many of these jobs for homes all over Sydney.

The terminology will vary for the work involved but essentially it’s the same thing:

• Pit To House

• Lead-in cable

• Replacement of conduit from pit to house

• Cable from pit to house

• Telstra lead-in cable repair

• Phone line trenching

Rest assured we’ll get the job done quickly and without hassle. Our licensed cable technicians will take care of the digging, trenching and installation. We’ll sort everything out for you.

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