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Phone Line Installation, Repairs & MDF Jumpering

Experienced Telephone Technicians

We service connections with all telco providers!

Phone Line Repair and Installation

If you’re having difficulties with an existing fuzzy or faulty phone line, our telephone technicians are qualified and fully equipped with testing equipment to diagnose and carry out any repair work required. We make sure everything is working before we leave, so quality is assured. You’ll be amazed at how fast we can find the source of the fault and get you back up and running.

We can also install additional phone lines for your home or office. Once your new phone socket is installed, it will be tested and ready so you can get connected fast.

If you’d like to move an existing phone line to a different position or room, we can do that for you too.

MDF Cable Jumpering

Our jumpering service is performed by fully licensed and qualified ACMA approved telephone technicians in apartments and townhouses to connect your new phone line or ADSL service.

Before giving us a call, make sure your service provider has been out to visit you first. They need to tag the phone number allocated to your apartment or townhouse in the MDF room so that we can complete the jumpering connection for you. After your service provider has connected to the A side of the MDF, our technician will connect it to your line on the B side of the MDF.

We’ve been providing phone line repair and installations to homes and businesses across Sydney for over 10 years and we service connections with all telco providers.

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